Importance of Mobile App Security and Why it’s Essential to Your Business

Importance of Mobile App Security

Mobile App Development Technology is gaining much popularity since past few years. In order to fulfil the customer’s demands, varied apps have been designed for mobile platforms. Due to such growing trends and demand of mobile applications, the hackers tends to exploit the mobile solutions due to varied reasons. It’s high time to realise the importance of security of the mobile apps and look into finding the solution to this problem.

Let’s understand the importance of Mobile App Security:

► The allowance of bringing own hacked device

Joining in the race of mobility and to lower down the business expenses, many of the firms are ideating on the employees bring their own devices to work. This can be beneficial in some aspect for the other side is matter of concern. How can you rely on the trust ability of the devices? It’s not about malicious intent here but at times even the employees are unaware of their own devices. If such types of devices is being used at your workplace that can put your highly sensitive data in danger.

► The evolution of risks can be from other networks too

It’s not just the office network where your employees connects their personal devices being it their personal devices they even connect it with other networks. Outer networks are not strongly configured and can be hacked easily. This is what makes you to acknowledge the need of mobile app security by earliest implementation of the same.

► Threat Intelligence: The not so powerful new solution

Threat Intelligence is based on the solutions that is developed by experts and can help in warning the business on the possible plotted attacks. All this is being done by the adaption of a proactive stance with constant monitoring of activities both on the network and externally too. Despite of involving such activities the businesses are still being attacked. Why? The newly advanced tools make it all possible.

► Fight fire with fire

Even after finding a way out to fight against the threat intelligence, why can’t the humans come up with a solution in order to ensure security? This makes us aware of a term Threat Hunting which states a process to track the indicators of compromise with the help of automated threat detection systems but are also analysed by the researches themselves. It’s one among the human element that has the ability of converting water into wine by spotting anomalies, inconsistencies and patterns in the evolving data. Ethical Hacker has the ability of analysing the information in detail which can be used as a source to interpret and forecast events of a threatening nature.

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