Nest Launched Reliable Smart Home Products to tighten the Home Security

Nest Launched Reliable Smart Home Products to tighten the Home Security

With increasing technology in this world, there are various high tech products being launched in the market which is helping to make people’s life easy and convenient. Recently, Nest has launched its very new product which is Hello Video doorbell and Nest x Yale Lock. Also, Nest has recently launched its Temperature Sensor as an addition to its smart home lineup.

Hello Video will enable people to see and converse with the people without opening the door. For this the user just need to download a Nest app which is available for iOS and also for Android. On the other side is the Nest x Yale Lock which is featured with tamper proof, key free deadbolt and is also useful in connecting to the Nest App. This product helps the users to lock and unlock the door from anywhere they wish to. Not forgetting about the Temperature Sensor, it works with the Nest’s smart thermostats and helps in controlling the temperature of the area surrounding the device.

Since Nest as a company was not able to build a good rapport in the market, these products are expected to increase the Goodwill of Nest as a company in the market. Initially Nest did not turn out to work well since Google’s acquisition on it. Talking in depth about the Nest Hello, it is featured with an HD camera which has got a capability of viewing at a degree of 160, ratio of 4:3 and also the imaging can be done in HDR and also availing the benefits of night vision. The HD talk and listen feature is very effective and attractive for the users as it gives them an allowance to respond to the one who has come home even when they are not present at home. With the pre-recorded responses in the doorbell it is easy to create automatic answers. HD talk is also featured with echo cancellation which leads to an improved quality of the sound. This product also gives an alert to the owner as soon as some visitors come near and does not ring the bell. Nest Hello operates by using Wifi 802.11. To provide security it utilises 128- bit AES encryption with TLS/SSL. Nest Hello offers a feature named as Nest Aware, wherein the user needs to subscribe to Nest Aware as a benefit to this there will be 24/7 continuous recording for 30 days and whenever the owner wish to see the entire video history it can be done very easily and the video can also be scanned by the users.

The installation process of Nest is quite professional and it puts down the requirements for a wired doorbell, chime and the right transformer followed by 800-2000 Kbps of upload bandwidth especially during the live streaming of the video. There are some privacy issues which need to be taken care of relating to Nest Hello. The owners of Nest Hello who subscribes for Nest Aware is bound to get some familiar face alerts which might as well raise certain privacy issues. As the facial scans are being stored and processed all those might be sold to the third parties for personal gains.

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