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Apple vs Android: Who Will Win the Tablet Battle?

Apple vs Android: Who Will Win the Tablet Battle?

Undoubtedly the tablet market is shared between Apple and Samsung and they are the two most important players in bringing in smart and agile computing. So far, they have targeted two different segments of the market, while Apple targeted the premium users and high-end executives, Samsung popularized its products through affordable smart phones. However, the scenario is changing as Samsung is trying to pave its way with new AMOLED technology, where AMOLED stands for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode.

Rise of Samsung, powered by Google Android, had been quite dramatic in the last few years. User friendliness and affordability have enabled Samsung to take control over the market of tablets and smart phones. They are now all prepared to take it up against iPad with their latest technical introduction of AMOLED techniques.

AMOLED is a display technology that had been introduced during 2007 for mobile phones and tablets. It is a thin film display technology that has been used in mobile phones, digital cameras for improved visuals with low-cost, high-resolution displays. Samsung is all set to roll out its newest batch of tablets powered with AMOLED technology to intensify market competition with Apple.

The battle to dethrone Apple however isn’t going to be easy for Samsung. It seems like Apple too has taken the idea of introducing improved display technique in its coming version of iPhone 5.

Introduction of AMOLED has initiated demand for low-cost, high-display applications. Enterprises planning to launch businesses on mobile devices and undertaking iPhone application development need to keep abreast with latest industry advancements in order to improve application performance.

Even as Apple and Samsung have locked horns over patent issues it wouldn’t impair users from designing advanced level of applications for the platforms. Demand for advanced level applications for both the platforms have increased significantly over the years and enterprises are now focusing on taking advantage of smartphone interactive platform in creating network of teams, vendors, customers and partners enabled by mobile applications.

Whether or not Apple would follow footsteps of Samsung in introducing latest AMOLED technology in iPhone 5 is still a topic of debate but it wouldn’t hamper the high tide of developing new applications for the platform.


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